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“Boom! You’re welcome!”

The above quote is from Fake Neal, some time ago- I am positive he said it/wrote it, but I cannot find a link anywhere. In any case, it seems appropriate today, with Taillon and Allie both Bucs. I am chasing a deadline right now, so some quick thoughts over dinner.

– 2.25M for Allie? What? I have a feeling about 10 GMs around the league just widened their eyes in shock!

– Taillon’s bonus figures are undisclosed as are the terms. I don’t much care how much Robert Nutting pays, but please don’t be a major league deal! Pretty please, Neal?

UPDATE: Tweet from Jon Heyman:

jameson taillon, the no. 2 overall pick, is in agreement with the pirates for a bit more than $5 mil, si.com learned.

If this turns out to be true, and no major league deal, I will be convinced that Neal Huntington has been spying and clicking compromising photos of the entire baseball world!

– The Pirates broke 40 wins behind another dominant James McDonald start, Andrew McCutchen’s 10th home run and consecutive 2 RBI hits from the #4 and #5 in the lineup. Good game to watch!

– I don’t expect Neal Huntington to be done for the day. I trust him to get us  Carey, Kirsch or Kent!

– More later as my workload decreases!

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