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Action in the bullpen

So Chris Resop is finally a Pirate. All my wild eyed speculation and suggestions of trading for him turned out to be unnecessary after all. It’s a little strange though. You can see the Braves didn’t want to lose him, which is why they called him up and also why they hid him on the DL, but he still has a corner or two to turn before being useful in a major league rotation. Can Kerrigan help him turn the corner? We’ll see.

I had a post on the roster crunch that I spoke about as well as some more wild-eyed fanboy speculation on what the Pirates could do to improve as a team in 2011, but I decided to delay it till tomorrow, with the new Buccos all coming in. Follow after the jump for more about the “exciting” new rotation, a draft signee and a shout out of a little mentioned reliever…

In that post I linked to earlier, I suggested Harrison and Boleska as the kind of price I’d be willing to pay. In light of the present bullpen situation, I wanted to give a shout out to Tom Boleska, oft-injured and little noticed for the performance he’s put up over the last year and a half. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on the major league team in 2011, but I’d suggest giving him plenty of reps to let him learn his craft. He’s done well at every level so far, thanks primarily to a miniscule walk and home run rate. Let’s hope he can keep it up and breeze through his last 2 levels.

Chan Ho Park- a somewhat surprising pickup, but it might be Neal Huntington trying to protect Evan Meek’s arm from John Russell. I don’t like what has been done with Meek so far, and I hope they are very very careful the rest of the year.


Very few things are looked forward to as much as the first appearance of a much heralded player. Unfortunately, such appearances have been few and far between for the Buccos, but they may just be starting to happen more often. Tomorrow, James McDonald takes on the Rockies- it’s not his first start ever, but it’s his first as a Pirate. He’s not the most heralded starter, but he’s certainly well-regarded. With good reason! Again, here’s another pitcher who has the potential to be a solid cog in a ML rotation but needs to turn a couple of corners, perhaps mental.

Here’s to a new tomorrow, where Pirates starters are good, and they score in the middle innings!


Apparently, Nicholas Kingham has signed. The Pirates 4th round draft pick was highly regarded by Andy Seiler as well as scouts, and was reported to have signed a long time back in this post by Anup Sinha. Today, Tim at PirateProspects wrote about this, and it appears to be confirmed unofficially by Kingham on Facebook! Good luck with the rest of the righties, FO!

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