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Prospects, prized prospects and the other kind

Apparently, the promotion of Pedro Alvarez to the big leagues is a suspense-filled soap opera, if you follow one Ron Cook. Apparently, Huntington’s future rests on his performance immediately upon his promotion, and Alvarez is the last bullet in the gun that Huntington should go down firing so that there aren’t any left in the Evan Chambers in Indianapolis. Wait, no, Evan Chambers isn’t in Indy; ha… gun? What? Confused? That’s what Cook’s article leaves you with. Confusion. Pedro Alvarez will decide Neal Huntington’s fate with his performance. It’s not like he was the consensus pick or anything.

All this is moot, of course, if you follow the right columns and haven’t read Cook. Should I unlink the article? Cutch-22… catch, of course.

But then to get to the important points…
This is prospect season, and the Pirates have brought up two of their best ones in Lincoln and Tabata, and Alvarez is on the way, at most a week away. That’s about it, I don’t think there’s much else that can come up from Indy, unless it’s Kratz to fill in for Doumit, if traded.

Which brings me to the point of Doumit’s horrendous defense. He shouldn’t be playing at 1B for any reason. Maybe the Bucs are shopping him hard, or maybe its just part of Russell’s paranoia, but Doumit belongs at catcher, and there he should be till he is traded. On that front though, we need to make sure we get value, because otherwise he has substantially more value as a Buc because of that bat, and hey not like Jaramillo throws out much.

But to get back to the theme- prized prospects, aka Stephen Strasburg. 2 phenomenal outings now, and the star is still climbing into atmospheric regions hitherto uncharted. Time for a sobering thought, huh? The Cardinals’ blog, Viva El Birdos gets a hat tip as being where I read the following information (don’t click the link yet though) :

Since 1920, only 11 pitchers 21 or younger had struck out 10 or more in a game without walking anyone. Of these, Nolan Ryan, Vida Blue and Dwight Gooden did it twice each. Someone, however, accomplished it a 3rd time. Anyone who hasn’t read the original link care to guess who the pitcher was?

It was Rick Ankiel, who had his Waterloo as a pitcher in the 2000 National League Division Series against the Mets, in a tragic Game 1 victory that is perhaps more famous for his meltdown than anything else. Not often that tragic and victory appear together, huh? To his credit, he put his baseball career back on track as a hitter, although not nearly as good, and is now in the OF in Kansas City. Still, he was the super super prospect back then and it shows you just how easy it is for things to go wrong. So while we envy Strasburg and the Nationals for the rare talent, put in a prayer for the kid, who at 21 seems to have the world at his feet. Things can’t get much better, but they sure can get a whole lot worse.

Then, there are the other kind of prospects, where you don’t know what to make of them. Rick Ankiel’s opponents on that fateful day were the Atlanta Braves, who face a conundrum of their own. Chris Resop has torn apart AAA hitting as a starter, but his contract has an out-clause that allows him to leave the club in a day from now if he is not in the majors. Teams, especially such as the Dodgers and Mets and maybe even the Rangers and the Athletics, should be lining up to trade for him. Sure, I’d like the Bucs to do that too, but I doubt they’ll give up what it takes, or at least should be beaten by any of those contenders. The trouble here is that it’s not clear how much stock you put into his performance coming as late as it is. How much of the performance is Resop’s ability to parlay his ML experience into fooling AAA hitters? Do you buy this as a WYSIWYG case?

I am on the fence. The Bucs should certainly call and do their due diligence, but they shouldn’t be giving up more than a package like Josh Harrison and Tom Boleska. The Braves should certainly trade Resop assuming someone like the Athletics would pay a decent amount to get him, especially given their pitching depth.

Jake Fox- No, thank you!

The Orioles continue to chase the 2011 No 1 pick with unbelievable tenacity. The Bucs are doing what it takes to stay in the hunt though. I would have substituted Anthony Rendon for the 2011 No 1 pick but something tells me this is not done. Watch out for Matthew Purke, as you follow the Taillon and Allie autograph hunt with Neal Huntington!

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