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KO punch

We have the Reds down after 2 good games, albeit somewhat lucky. Know what I’d like to see today? The Pirates scoring early and then delivering the knockout punch to take the other team out. Too often, we’ve let teams back into games that we should have bust open in the 4th or 5th inning. And not least ’cause we go up against Bronson Arroyo.

Maholm has had good outings against the Reds in the recent past if I remember correctly. Let’s keep that going! DY the leadoff hitter. I don’t mind too much, it’s the 2B next to his name that’s much more scary. Ryan Church starts over Jeff Clement, and I am not going to argue that one today. Garrett Jones has had a terrible run recently, in spite of the game winning hit. Let’s hope he adjusts. Doumit to the bench for JJ, in what was a fairly expected move.

How crazy was yesterday? Atlanta no-hit by Ubaldo Jimenez. Wow!

Dusty Baker: Oh yes, yes! Finally they scored after 15 innings.

Bryan Price (Pitching coach): Eh? We lost. The Mets-Cards game is over in St. Louis!

Dusty: Oh, shoot! What was Tony LaRussa thinking asking Ludwick to steal? And why is K-Rod still warming up?


Jerry Manuel: Get K-Rod ready for the bottom of the 9th…

… Jerry Manuel: Get K-Rod ready for the bottom of the 12th…

… Jerry Manuel: Get K-Rod ready for the bottom of the 15th…

… Jerry Manuel: Get K-Rod ready for the bottom of the 18th…

K-Rod: Hey man, I feel like Mark Prior with Dusty Baker!


Bottom of the 19th

Tony LaRussa: Mark, did everyone take their, uh- you know, vitamins?

Mark McGwire: Oh drat, I was thinking about which of the batters could pitch the next inning…

TLR: (tearing hair): Leave that stupidity to me, man. Now we need a run, how do we get one?

MM: Well, Pujols is up this inning, so I wouldn’t…

TLR: I know, get Ludwick on base, and then do the unexpected, make him steal. In 622 times on base, he has stolen 16, and been caught 12 times. With Pujols up, no one expects it!

MM: Uh, even if he succeeds, they’ll just walk Pujols then.

TLR: No one puts the winning run on base.

MM: Uh, Pujols, uh…

TLR: Its Jerry Manuel and the Mets.

MM: Oh, uh, ok, good idea…


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