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Quick chirps on a gloomy day

If you wanted to watch Mike Leake’s Pittsburgh debut today, you might be out of luck. It doesn’t look like Zeus is going to allow any pitches on the hallowed PNC turf tonight. If he does, though, we have what looks like a favorable matchup for us. I have no idea why Mike Leake is starting in the majors. He doesn’t have huge upside, but clearly the Reds feel he’s reached that upside already and might help them contend this year. Any reason outside of that should lead to a very firm reprimand. Things have been quiet around baseball, but let’s take a look still.

Around Baseball:

  • The Mariners have not gotten off to a great start, and have been looking for ways to make up for Cliff Lee’s absence. Their strongest step in that direction may be coming soon, with Ramon Vazquez reportedly headed towards the M’s. Nothing makes up a 6 WAR pitcher on the DL than a 0 WAR UT IF on the bench, who was cut by the Pirates. Sometime soon, you could see Ramon Vazquez get some innings and at bats over Jack Wilson, who has an incredible .454 OPS to start the season.
  • Ki’la Ka’aihue needs a spot. I agree entirely and had mentioned this before. What would it take to get him? Erik Kratz? Luke Carlin? Brandon Jones? Steven Jackson? They should all be dispensable. The harder part is finding time for Ka’aihue, with the Clement experiment on, and Steve Pearce out there. Maybe a swap with Pearce?
  • Fred Lewis to the Blue Jays for a PTBNL or cash. Now that’s Fred Lewis and Kevin Frandsen given away for peanuts. This is insane. Neither of them were ever going to be stars, but the Giants haven’t utilized those assets well at all. Both players are major league capable, even if not world-beaters.

Draft Day Speculation

  • As the 2010 draft approaches, we are hearing more and more about Chris Sale. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see the Pirates go with one of Sale, Taillon and Pomeranz. I think the interesting strategy used last year has a lot of people thinking the Bucs will go the same route, and pick a position player early, and then look for pitching value later. I don’t think that will be the case. I do think, however, that they are looking for cost certainty early, in that they don’t want to have negotiations that drag on and on. If they can reach such an agreement with one of the top guys on their board, I would expect them to draft him, and look for good deals later on, similar to last year. If you buy that, then Taillon is probably out. I would predict one of Sale/Pomeranz.
  • Christian Colon has been hot lately, but I think his stock may have dropped too much already. Bryce Brentz has also been dropping, and I am hoping he somehow falls to the Bucs in Round 2! Love the bat, in spite of the weak conference and all the other strikes against him.


  • Adam LaRoche had a hot start. He’s hitting .267 with a .738 OPS in April. Wow!!
  • Uber-terrible start for John Grabow with the Cubs.
  • Matt Capps has a 1.59 ERA, but more walks than strikeouts and an unbelievable 1.941 WHIP! 6.57 FIP. Sample size no bar, I am starting to think Neal Huntington is much smarter than we give him credit for! Fun fact: Who knew Matt Capps’ middle name was Dicus?
  • Ian Snell had his customary problems as a WHIP of 1.77, 1:1 K/BB, and 2 HR/9 testify in 9 IP in 2 starts.
  • Tom Gorzelanny had a great start in his only one thus far.

Still Buccos

  • Akinori Iwamura is playing with a 0.361 wOBA. I have to believe the team will entertain trade offers for him. How high will someone go? Unfortunately, there may not be a lot of teams looking for a 2B this deadline. Oh, maybe the Giants (LOL!)…
  • Octavio Dotel gave up a blast, so hopefully his 1 HR/9 is out of the way for his next 4 appearances or so. Still 2 saves
  • Brendan Donnelly is a blast, but has survived on luck so far.
  • Hayden Penn is still a Bucco, coz no one wanted him.

Future Buccos:

  • Neil Walker, Robbie Grossman, 2 guys with K problems have both had good starts. Let’s see if they can pass the sample size test.
  • Mike Crotta and Jared Hughes, 2 unknowns trying to rise up the prospect map.
  • Bradenton and Altoona, 2 affiliates off to hot starts.
  • Jarek Cunningham and Bryan Morris, 2 guys pushing for early promotions (based on good starts) to a higher level that they should already have been in.
  • Tony Sanchez and Diego Moreno, 2 guys pushing to climb faster than we would expect, and the small sample sizes may not affect the promotion.
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