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Rubber game in the desert

This evening, Daniel McCutchen takes on Edwin Jackson. I have no idea what to think- my prediction for the series is on track so far, at 1-1, but the winners have been inverted, with the Pirates laying into Dan Haren, and completely flummoxed by Rodrigo Lopez. So what’s Jackson going to do today against the hot-cold Bucs? Hard to say, but we stand a good chance while Arizona has yet to figure out their lineup.

At present, here’s what their lineup looks like:
1. Conor Jackson, LF
2. Stephen Drew, SS
3. Justin Upton, RF
4. Adam LaRoche, 1B
5. Mark Reynolds, 3B
6. Chris Young, CF
7. Kelly Johnson, 2B
8. Chris Snyder, C
9. Jackson, P

Clearly, the Snakes haven’t been watching much of Adam LaRoche over the last few seasons. If I were AJ Hinch, it would have been an easy decision to flip LaRoche and Reynolds in that batting order. I would also be batting Kelly Johnson above Chris Young at least, and likely above LaRoche as well, but that’s just me- I really like his potential with the bat, where others aren’t quite as sold on him.

I expect Doumit to get a day off and Jaramillo to start, before we take on a tough Giants’ lineup for our next series. We’ve avoided Lincecum, but we get Zito and Cain, so it will not be easy going there. I will be near San Francisco over the summer, but a cursory glance says we don’t have games there while I’ll be there. What a pity!

I’ve loved the improved approach from our hitters so far but that hasn’t stopped us from K-ing at an alarming rate. I thought about crunching some stats on that, but I decided I’ll wait till we have a larger sample. 5 games is just way too few.

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