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Steelers and Penguins

April 27, 2010 Leave a comment

I won’t blame anyone if they decide to give up on the Pirates for the season. It would be almost refreshing to discuss the Steelers draft picks, and the possibility that Washington might be eliminated by the Habs in the Stanley Cup playoffs, making the road for the Pens that much easier. In spite of the absolute maulings that the Pirates have taken, baseball and the Bucs remain closest to my heart, although I won’t discuss much of their play here. You’ve seen and read all that you need to, and there is no doubt this team has been bad.

When they lost the 20-0 game, I felt like that was the nadir, and we wouldn’t get close to it again. It was one of those once-in-a-blue-moon things that happen. I may have been wrong. 17-3 may not be as bad in an exact comparison but its just as bad, for all practical purposes. Where do they go from here? Up. I believe in statistics, and I believe this team will bust out. They’ve had baserunners again and again, but not scored. I am usually the first to discount the effect such things have on the morale of professional baseball players, but I m willing to think a little differently here.

Being pounded again and again must affect something. What is Charlie Morton thinking when he goes to pitch? Surely, he can’t be telling himself Read more…

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KO punch

April 18, 2010 Leave a comment

We have the Reds down after 2 good games, albeit somewhat lucky. Know what I’d like to see today? The Pirates scoring early and then delivering the knockout punch to take the other team out. Too often, we’ve let teams back into games that we should have bust open in the 4th or 5th inning. And not least ’cause we go up against Bronson Arroyo.

Maholm has had good outings against the Reds in the recent past if I remember correctly. Let’s keep that going! DY the leadoff hitter. I don’t mind too much, it’s the 2B next to his name that’s much more scary. Ryan Church starts over Jeff Clement, and I am not going to argue that one today. Garrett Jones has had a terrible run recently, in spite of the game winning hit. Let’s hope he adjusts. Doumit to the bench for JJ, in what was a fairly expected move.

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Quick chirps on a gloomy day

April 16, 2010 Leave a comment

If you wanted to watch Mike Leake’s Pittsburgh debut today, you might be out of luck. It doesn’t look like Zeus is going to allow any pitches on the hallowed PNC turf tonight. If he does, though, we have what looks like a favorable matchup for us. I have no idea why Mike Leake is starting in the majors. He doesn’t have huge upside, but clearly the Reds feel he’s reached that upside already and might help them contend this year. Any reason outside of that should lead to a very firm reprimand. Things have been quiet around baseball, but let’s take a look still.

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April 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Want to talk about the game? Didn’t think so. John Russell needs a reality check! Let’s move on…

[Any resemblance to any bloggers diving or lead is purely coincidental. This post also is not meant to offend any feelings or ruffle any feathers.]

So, at a ballgame the other day, a reasonably informed, sabermetric-believing fan ran into a random dude who called himself the Bointy Haired Plogger and periodically invented random measures for judging the quality of ballclubs, and got into a discussion about what yardsticks to use when evaluating players. Unknown to him, the Sabermetric-Loving-Youngster(SLY) was about to get into a discussion, the depths of which he hadn’t comprehended, as the Bointy-Haired-Plogger(BHP) took him on a ride that felt much like following the Pirates.

BHP: Who bats the pitcher 8th? Just look at that, 2 on, 2 out, and the pitcher batting 8th messed everything up. Look at the Yankees, they never bat the pitcher 8th.

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Rubber game in the desert

April 11, 2010 Leave a comment

This evening, Daniel McCutchen takes on Edwin Jackson. I have no idea what to think- my prediction for the series is on track so far, at 1-1, but the winners have been inverted, with the Pirates laying into Dan Haren, and completely flummoxed by Rodrigo Lopez. So what’s Jackson going to do today against the hot-cold Bucs? Hard to say, but we stand a good chance while Arizona has yet to figure out their lineup.

At present, here’s what their lineup looks like: Read more…

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Who on earth are these guys? (and game updates)

April 9, 2010 1 comment

I didn’t realize that the AZ game today started at 9:40! Stupid me! So I find myself in front of the computer doing a go-around on what’s going on around the league and setting my fantasy rosters. Minor leagues, that oasis of hope, beckons as soon as I start surfing. As I type, the Altoona Curve lead 2-0 on apparently a 2 run double by Jordy Mercer, scoring Chase D’Arnaud and Gorkys Hernandez. That’s cool, after Mike Crotta led the win. I scrolled down to the pitching column expecting to find Tim Alderson or Justin Wilson there. Instead, I find Jared Hughes. Wha…? Who…?

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Minor League Pirates get going!

That was a depressing game against the Dodgers. We were right in it through about 6 innings, and some bad luck kept us from being closer. Runners on almost every inning, but we couldn’t bring them home. I will admit that I get this feeling of “Here we go!” everytime the big league team even starts to falter. On this occasion, though, I think there’s significant reason to hope that we can keep winning. The weekend series will be against Adam LaRoche and the DiamondBacks, and I’d back us to take 2 out of 3 again, especially against Rodrigo Lopez and Edwin Jackson. Dan Haren sandwiched between those two goes up against Daniel McCutchen, and I don’t like the other Cutch’s chances in the Arizona ballpark.

We need the offense to keep showing the same patience, as they have so far, and for the pitchers to come to the party. 3 starts so far, and not one convincing pitching performance. Duke and Ohlendorf (and Maholm, to some extent) kept us in the game, but somewhere, you’d hope to start seeing some dominating outings from these guys. Morton has a chance to start living up to his 2010 expectations tomorrow.

Minor league seasons got underway today. The Bradenton Marauders played the Fort Myers Miracle, an affiliate of the Minnesota Twins, the Altoona Curve opened against Harrisburg Senators (the team Stephen Strasburg plays for!), and the West Virginia Power played the Savannah Sand Gnats, an affiliate of the Mets. Kevin Hart and the Indy team Read more…

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