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Mets sign Kiko Calero to minor league deal

The Mets appear to have signed Kiko Calero to a minor league deal, according to Adam Rubin’ Twitter. This is a great signing for Minaya who has made some bad moves and seen some bad luck further lower his stock! The details of the deal aren’t official yet, but I’d guess it must be a strongly incentive laden deal with easily attainable incentives that take him to around the $1.5M mark if he’s healthy, and probably to around $3M depending on games, innings, and games finished.

Without knowing the details, it’s hard to say I’d necessarily have liked the Bucs to have pushed for him, but it certainly seems like the Mets got a great deal here.

UPDATE: Joel Sherman says, via Twitter, that Calero will earn $850K if he makes the team, and about $650K in bonuses. It seems he could have been had for about $1.5M all told, which makes me wonder why a lot of teams, not just the Bucs, didn’t up the ante. As I said before, $1.5M seems like the minimum he would be making this year. Sure looks like there are some big wavy red flags out there.

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