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Braves New World

So, the Yankees hit us for a home run. Well, not exactly, they hit Virgil Vasquez for one to end the game. How many of you had to look up who Colin Curtis was? It reminds everyone how fortunate we are that we do not have to consider VV starting rotation depth, or at least not immediate starting rotation depth!

We take on the Braves today, with Nate McLouth leading off, and Eric Hinske DH-ing. That’s a lot of recent ex-Pirates. Alvarez will DH for the Pirates from the 6th spot, with Ryan Church hitting cleanup- are you as surprised as I am? Both Clement and Alvarez should be ahead of him, although the Pirates probably just want to give him a few ABs to see how he’s doing. Charlie Morton goes against his former team, for 2 innings, I believe. We should also have Brad Lincoln and Brian Burres in action- the rest of the pitching might be forgettable.

Erik Kratz has had a great start to the spring games, and we’ll see if he can keep it up. His past 2 years indicate he’s a quality AAA slugger, and I wouldn’t mind seeing him get a shot in the majors. Not sure off the top of my head what Jason Jaramillo’s option status is, but it’ll be interesting to see what the Pirates do if Kratz can keep hitting.

Steven Jackson and Virgil Vasquez did themselves no favours in the competition for a bullpen spot, while Jean Machi is certainly attracting interest among fans. By all accounts, Clement looked comfortable at first, but didn’t get a hit, and the bats will be worrying factors till they prove otherwise.

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